HODLtrickortreat -2020–10–29

Hello StakeHODL’ers,

Did you know that 80% of digital asset consumers use mobile phones or tablets?

When using the dex with a mobile device, a user has two options to interact with the smart contract:

  • Trust Wallet — a paid application
  • MetaMask — a free application

The beauty of these applications is that the website never has access to the user’s secret words or password. Transactions are signed directly by the user from the browser or mobile device.

Are you using MetaMask mobile? It has been reported that using MetaMask mobile is tricky, but we have a treat for you:

When you install the MetaMask mobile application, you can use its internal browser to navigate to www.hodldex.io. This will enable the connection between MetaMask and the browser. Then you can start trading as usual!

If, on your mobile device, it suggests that you “open with” MetaMask instead of your browser, selecting the MetaMask option will use its connected browser.

Can we get a piece of candy?

The HODL Team