Community Update 2020–10–26

Hello StakeHODL’ers

Whew! That was a rollercoaster. However, trade is now resuming, and all withdrawals have been fixed.

We apologize for the small delay after the re-opening. There was an issue that would have caused a small knock-on problem. As we prefer to fix things while they’re still small, we temporarily interrupted trade to fix it.

The dex is now ready to go.

The amount of volume that we got in the short time the dex was open and in the middle of the night — we are astonished. With that momentum, this project will be a game-changer!

A huge thank you to the community for quickly reporting the issue. That enabled us to react promptly. Keep up the good work!

This incident demonstrates the reasoning behind the smart contract upgradeability and the speed at which we can now react and apply measures. As a first test of the system, we are quite pleased.

Now let’s get back to HODLing!

The HODL Team