Can Encryption Survive a Post-Quantum World?

Introducing SAGE: Symmetric Asynchronous Generative Encryption


(New to encryption? A glossary follows this article.)


SAGE is a pure encryption technique based on a cipher and is not an authentication encryption, although it can play this role in some cases. The protocol was conceived and researched with two (2) main ideas behind it: mutability and the removal of the mathematical challenge component. These ideas are based on the assumption that this forces a malicious actor to relies on a single option — dictionary attacks (brute force).


Alice wants to communicate with Bob. She generates her genesis and initiator half-key and sends Bob a communication channel request by submitting two half-keys. Bob receives the request, generates his genesis and initiator half-key, which he sends to Alice. Once Alice receives Bob’s half-keys, they both generate a common codex from the combination of the genesis and initiator keys. The communication channel can now send and receive messages. Alice creates a message, encodes it, then her key permutates, and she sends it. Bob receives the message, decodes it, then his key permutates in relation to Alice’s latest key permutation. This continues as messages are sent back and forth, the keys permuting with each use. Only persons involved in the message chain receive the updated permutations. Successful decryption can be verified every time by returning a checksum of the unencrypted data whilst not revealing anything about the given data.

Use Cases

  • Encryption is used in most secure messaging system such as Whatsapp, Telegram, and Dust;
  • Encryption is used in internet communication and certificate authority (CA) such as Https (SSL) for validating the domain on which a user browses;
  • Encryption is used in the salting of a secret value in databases such as passwords or financial information;
  • Encryption is used to secure emails in products such as ProtonMail and MulaMail;
  • Encryption is used everywhere where privacy must be maintained;
  • Encryption can be used to sign a document digitally.


SAGE: Symmetric Asynchronous Generative Encryption.

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