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Topic: What are the HODLChronicles?

All about HODLChronicles

Welcome to the HODLChronicles!

We’re excited to be writing the first HODLChronicle, and where better to start than explaining what the HODLChronicles are and why they came to be.

The HODLChronicles will explain various concepts and technologies surrounding the HODLCommunity. They will also discuss the economics of the project, alongside use cases, partnerships, or other vital aspects of the HODLCommunity project. The idea for the HODLChronicles came about when we realized that we have a lot of information to share with you, which wasn’t necessarily covered in the Community Updates.


Happy New Year, StakeHODLers!

The new year has just started, and it’s already looking good. The project has an exciting 2021 ahead of it with a focus on public relations and international expansion.

Please forgive us for the radio silence in December — we were run off our feet setting things up for 2021.

Catching up

In the last three months, a lot has happened. We will be writing articles on them, but we wanted to give you a brief catch up:

  • HODLC and HODLT have been deemed NOT a security by two different jurisdictions, Gibraltar and British Virgin Islands (BVI);
  • HODLCommunity…

Hello StakeHODL’ers!

We are back with another update — progress on many fronts!

We are currently preparing our next update for the #HODLdex with some code enhancements, distribution claims, and the long-awaited calculator. We are excited to be able to roll these out to you and hope you will enjoy them as much as we do.

Blank space

Our UI team is working exceptionally hard to deliver and upgrade the experience of our community members.

In our quest to keep the system streamlined, the UI will no longer show the buy order side. We changed this because:

  1. No buy order can exist…

Hello StakeHODLers,

Today we wanted to expand a bit on the concept of redistribution.

The redistribution has been a core concept of the HODLC project since its inception. The concept springs from the fact that HODLC is based on altruistic tokenomics. That means that, unlike most crypto projects, the team behind the project didn’t make money from the sale of the reserve assets. No pre-sale, token sale, or public sale has ever been made. Instead, the funds used to purchase the reserve assets were redistributed to the community.

As the project grows, so has this mechanism.

HODLC’s Redistribution Mechanism

Previously, the redistribution was…

Hello StakeHODLers

We had an exciting first week after trade resumed with significant support from the community! From the entire team, a huge thank you!

Now that technical things are out of the way, we are redoubling our marketing efforts and finalizing the branding.

It’s vital to us that the branding resonates in both French and English and that it speaks to our two main audiences:

  • The crypto community passionate about the vision and future of the project
  • New crypto users attracted by HODLC’s value proposition

The goal is to build a strong community to prepare for the next stage…

Hello StakeHODL’ers,

Did you know that 80% of digital asset consumers use mobile phones or tablets?

When using the dex with a mobile device, a user has two options to interact with the smart contract:

  • Trust Wallet — a paid application
  • MetaMask — a free application

The beauty of these applications is that the website never has access to the user’s secret words or password. Transactions are signed directly by the user from the browser or mobile device.

Are you using MetaMask mobile? It has been reported that using MetaMask mobile is tricky, but we have a treat for you:

Hello StakeHODL’ers

Whew! That was a rollercoaster. However, trade is now resuming, and all withdrawals have been fixed.

We apologize for the small delay after the re-opening. There was an issue that would have caused a small knock-on problem. As we prefer to fix things while they’re still small, we temporarily interrupted trade to fix it.

The dex is now ready to go.

The amount of volume that we got in the short time the dex was open and in the middle of the night — we are astonished. With that momentum, this project will be a game-changer!

A huge…

Hello StakeHODL’ers!

There is only one good way to say this….

Trading is back!!!!

We’re super-pumped. We hope you’re super-pumped. We’re running around and throwing confetti. I think a guy in the back did a drum roll. Let’s get ‘er done!

The HODL Team

Hello StakeHODL’ers,

We are excited to announce that the data migration process has begun!


The data migration process has begun. If you’ve not been involved in a data migration before, it has multiple moving parts and players. The coordination of a migration can be fraught with difficulties and unexpected challenges. However, barring any unforeseen hurdles, we expect it to be completed Saturday. Trade will resume shortly thereafter.

This has been quite an adventure, and it will never truly be over: testing, optimization, security checks, upgrades — there will always be more to check.

Whilst the idea behind The HODL Project…

Hello StakeHODL’ers!

We are entering the last week before trade resumes! We’ve heard the comments from the community, and we understand your anticipation for trade to resume. We are equally champing at the bit. We appreciate your patience and trust in us to deliver the best product possible.

This period has been a game-changer in the nature and potential of the project. One, because creating an oracle to replace a price feed is anything but a simple undertaking. Two, it changes one of the project’s fundamental elements, decentralization.

Decentralization has become a buzzword in the crypto world, but the reality…


HODLCommunity proposes the vision of a sustainable economy for anyone, either individual or organization by the usage of a disruptive new algorithmic token

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